The Resilience Champion

Capstone & Next Steps

In this workshop, both cohorts will come together to share experiences and learnings and to explore next steps for implementation. The focus of this final workshop is on reflecting on the process of building a resilient culture and making it a reality. In this final workshop, participants will synthesize learnings and identify concrete next steps in the resilience-building journey.

Key Takeaways: 

  • As we close the series, look back at previous workshops and complete any steps with your team that you may have missed or that you feel that you have better insight on now. Building a solid foundation and being flexible in the process are critical to sustainable implementation of a trauma-informed approach.
  • Revisiting the foundational concepts of a trauma-informed approach including understanding stress, how we adapt, and how to build resilience can support a shared language.
  • Identifying and practicing skills for communication, building safety, and regulating stress support a trauma-informed culture.
  • The activities from previous workshops including developing a team, what’s your why, developing a vision statement, identifying values, assessing needs and strengths, and establishing goals can also be revisited.
  • Identifying concrete steps after meetings to support the implementation of this approach by team members is a helpful tool for teams to use.
  • Building buy-in is an ongoing process. Whether it’s with those who might not understand how this approach is relevant to their work, others who are feeling siloed and disconnected, or even as a reminder to yourself about how this work can make and impact, you can utilize this practice. We’ve included a tool for you to reference!

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