The Resilience Champion

Focusing on an Action Plan – Activity & Discussion

Each week you will have access to a downloadable version of the activity & discussion post (may also include a worksheet).

Activity: Work through the following questions either individually or as part of your Resilience Champion team. (You may use the worksheets as a tool to support the activity.)

  • Brainstorm your activities:  For each goal you have defined, brainstorm potential activities to help you achieve your goal. In addition to thinking about activities you may want to START, be sure to consider any activities you want to CONTINUE (and any current activities you may want to STOP). For those activities you want to CONTINUE, are there any changes you need to make
  • Refine your list: From your initial brainstorming list, choose 1-3 specific activities that you would like to focus on for now. Remember…these activities could be new activities you would like to START, existing efforts that you would like to CONTINUE, or activities you would like to STOP.
  • Organize your action team: How will your team work together to implement these activities?

Discussion post:  Post your answer to these questions:.

  • For each goal you defined, what are the 1-3 activities you will focus on to help you achieve it? Are any of these activities things you are already doing (or things you plan to stop?)
  • How will your action team be organized to help you implement these activities?

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