The Resilience Champion

What is a Resilience Champion? – Activity & Discussion

Each week you will have access to a downloadable version of the activity & discussion post (may also include a worksheet).

Activity: Work through the following questions either individually or as part of your Resilience Champion team. (Use may use the worksheets as a tool to support the activity.)

  • Choose a hat:  Think about the different roles you play within the various settings of  your professional and professional life. What are some of those hats (ie. parent, employee, coach, etc)? Which hat are you going to choose to focus on in the Resilience Champion course?
  • Identify your team: As you create your team, consider structural inequities that may influence the make-up of who has a seat at the table and whose table it is. Remember the inequities discussed in the Social & Historical Trauma section in The Basics and how they can influence the power structure of your setting. This is about more than just inclusivity; it’s about redesigning our systems and structures.

Discussion post:  Post your answer to these questions on the discussion section:

  • Briefly introduce yourself and your team
  • Which hat are you wearing for this course?

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