“When we started, trauma-informed care was about mindfulness, and since then, we see it seeping into all aspects of how we interact with each other and patient care.
It’s a process.”

– Eisner Clinical Director

Best agency practices and lessons learned for all organizations from Eisner Health’s TIC rollout

Trauma-informed care (TIC) offers a way for organizations to start building a resilient organizational culture by understanding the impact of toxic stress and resilience on both patients and staff, then leverage that understanding to improve organizational culture and practices. Within community health, TIC provides a critical foundation for integrating screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

In this 60-minute webinar, learn how Eisner Health reduced escalations, supported staff wellness, and improved the patient experience across three clinics in Los Angeles by integrating TIC. Staff members from administration, behavioral health, medical, and dental departments will share their perspectives and lessons they learned during the journey that organizations in any sector can apply to guide their teams to success. Team members share examples of steps they took to build a resilient organizational culture.


  • Andi Fetzner, PsyD – Trauma Informed Care Coordinator, Eisner Health and Co-Founder of Origins Training & Consulting
  • Chris Hillson, MD – Clinical Director, Lynwood Eisner Health
  • Cristal Hernandez – Dental Supervisor, Eisner Health
  • Deborah Lerner, MD – Chief Medical Officer, Eisner Health
  • Jessica Esparza – Behavioral Health Case Manager, Sherman Oaks, Eisner Health
  • Lori Chelius, MBA/MPH – Co-Founder, Origins Training & Consulting


  • Tips for planning and implementing a trauma-informed approach
  • Key facilitators to put in place for maximum success
  • Potential barriers and challenges to watch out for and proactively address
  • Universal best practices and lessons learned
  • Identify tips to build a resilient organizational culture

Funded by ACES Aware, this webinar from Origins Training & Consulting is designed to help organizations across sectors and locations learn from Eisner Health’s experience.

Learn more about how YOU can overcome trauma and build resilience in our online courses.

Start here to develop a shared language

The Basics is a two-hour workshop helps introduce to you and your staff establish a common language around trauma-informed principles and practices so everyone can develop a culture centered on resilience-building together.

Begin by exploring the impacts of toxic stress on both clients and staff, while deepening your team’s understanding of ACEs, as well as the role of systemic and intergenerational adversity. Finally, learn more about the concept of resilience, identify how protective factors can help heal the impacts of trauma, and discuss how resilience can be built and sustained within an organization.

Note: Action team members should participate in this workshop before “graduating” to The Resilience Champion series.

I’m ready to build a resilient organizational culture

The Resilience Champion is a six-week course is for leaders who want to integrate a trauma-informed approach in their setting and start building a resilient organizational culture. In the Resilience Champion series, your action team (who will lead your implementation) will participate in a six-workshop series which helps translate and operationalize the key concepts of a trauma-informed approach in your unique organization. Together with your colleagues, you will develop a shared foundation, specific goals, and concrete steps to create and sustain a resilient culture.