Facebook Live Video #1/4: Is a Pandemic Trauma?


In this first video of this four-part series, Andi talks about what we are all feeling and why during this COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) pandemic. Using the foundational concepts to a trauma-informed approach that are outlined in The Basics, she explains the impact of the collective stress we are experiencing. Adapting an analogy used by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Andi talks about the tigers that are lurking around in all our lives right now. She discusses how we adapt and how each of us may respond differently to them. Some of us may react with a fight or flight response; others with a freeze or fawn response–all normal responses to an abnormal situation. She also talks about some of the common ways we might be adapting to these challenging times. (Over-consuming media anyone?)

Stay tuned for the next videos-

In the second video, “What About Resilience?” Andi will offer some hope and talk about resilience–what it is and what impacts it.

In the third video, “What Can We Do About It?” Andi will offer some concrete practices that you can do to build that resilience muscle and keep yourself in that resilience zone.

In the last video, “A Trauma-Informed Approach For All!” where we will wrap it all up and talk about how all of these concepts can be translated into practice in both organizations and communities.


Learn more about how YOU can overcome trauma and build resilience in our online courses.

The Basics is a 90-minute online training session helps anyone understand the basic science behind the ACEs framework and what it means to develop a trauma-informed and resilience-building approach. It also provides a shared language that can be applied in a variety of sectors (including schools and education, healthcare and community health centers, law enforcement, social work, child welfare, criminal justice, non-profit, and more) or in a cross-sector setting (such as a community group). By the end of this course, you’ll develop a solid understanding of trauma-informed principles and practices including the following key concepts — a necessary step to take before applying them in your unique setting — and be ready to “graduate” to The Resilience Champion course.

The Resilience Champion is a self-paced professional development course (which includes access to The Basics) that will guide you as you move from trauma-aware to trauma-informed and trauma-responsive. You and/or your team will work through one section each week (or faster or slower, if you prefer) to help you establish a foundation, create goals, and identify concrete steps you can take to sustain trauma-informed practices and principles and a resilience-building approach in your specific setting. You’ll also see cross-sector examples of Resilience Champions and specific strategies that have worked for them, providing inspiration for clear steps to help you get started.