What people are saying about Us


  “As a retired law enforcement supervisor who served over twenty years in a variety of assignments, I am more than surprised that I had not received training like Origin’s The Basics while still representing my agency and community. Now a business owner and an employer to nearly 100 staff members, I ensure they all receive this training so they may best serve those we strive to protect.”    

-Travis Anglin, Sergeant, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Retired 

-Founder / Vice President Arizona Precision Security Services LLC.  



“Your trainings have made me a better service provider, better employer, better healer, better person.” 

-Ruth Sager, Program Manager, Free Arts Arizona



"Andi’s enlightening and engaging sessions on Trauma Informed Care raised awareness of our executive leaders and human service professionals throughout our department.  Her open, clear, and thought provoking style allowed participants to understand a complex body of knowledge of social and psychological causes, physiological impacts, and resulting behaviors.  Andi's powerful and practical advice significantly increased our personal understanding and effectiveness as professionals and is transforming our organizational culture, improving how we provide services that have an real impact on the people we serve. "

- Bruce Liggett, Director- Human Services, Maricopa County Human Services Department 



 "I attended Andi’s para-professional training on trauma informed care for two days in Arizona. It was held in a faith based organization that has been decades serving inner city kinds and their families in Phoenix metropolitan area. The whole training was very well organized with her expertise, professional knowledge and skills. I did appreciate her starting the training with the history of Arizona on mental health policies as well as her personal stories. The training also included great clips and exercises that drew the trainees’ continuous attention and passionate participation. Lastly she spontaneously took her own break in the middle of the session to show her body moves and postures to let her relax and regulate herself. It was an excellent modeling that I try to use in my training on trauma informed congregation. In addition to her excellent training, Andi has been a great partner to collaborate in our field to train others and advance our networks." 

-Rev. Sanghoon Yoo, MSW, MDiv.The Faithful City, Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Community Network 



 “Two things stand out from that experience of working with Andi and Origins:  

1. The passion and enthusiasm you have for your work. That came out strongly. There's no question that you have an immensely satisfying life. Much of it is clearly do to the application of the sciences you study. I can say that, because I have applied nearly everything I learned from your training into my personal, business and social life.  

2. The other thing is a working knowledge of how to understand myself and others, with all it's implications.”  

 -Scott Pitts, Co-Founder-Grassroots Community Solutions  www.gcsmovement.com   


 "The Trauma Informed Care sessions taught by Andi were very beneficial to my co-workers and myself. Andi provided an environment to examine the trauma that our clients have experienced, as well as my own personal trauma, how they relate to one another, and compassionate, purposeful responses to the behaviors associated with trauma. The most important thing I took from the classes was an understanding that my clients, like myself, are sorting through trauma-related injuries, which is a process. I can now better identify where they are in the process and meet them on a more appropriate and informed level. " 

~Amber Wells 

" For me, TIC training was the gateway to learning what it takes within myself to recognize my own behaviors as it pertains to working with individuals whom have experienced trauma. I may not always know where an individual is coming from, but with this knowledge under my belt, I can at least begin to find the space to begin to learn that and do it in a manner that is non-judgmental or over-bearing. It also brought to light that this does not only exist in my work space, but also in my personal life. In both scenarios, this has brought me an heightened sense of understanding that trauma exists in many realms and not just the obvious or “mainstream” forms of what individuals expect to define trauma. " 

~Gina Brockdorff , Supportive Services Manager, Human Services Campus