The Basics

Andi Fetzner, PsyD


Andi Fetzner is a co-founder of Origins Training & Consulting. Her training mantra is, “you don’t have to be a therapist to be therapeutic.” Drawing from her personal and professional background, Andi uses real life examples to explain how this approach can be applied across sectors. She lives in California with her two dogs, Brutus & Princess.

Lori Chelius, MBA, MPH


Lori Chelius, MBA/MPH is a Co-Founder of Origins Training & Consulting. Andi and Lori work with organizations across a number of sectors to build strong foundations based on solid values, build resilience, and provide even better care for the people they serve. She lives in California with her wife, three kids, and their dog, Oliver.

In The Basics, you will learn the basic science behind the ACEs framework and what it means to develop a trauma-informed and resilience-building approach. You will also establish a shared language that can be applied in a variety of sectors (including schools and education, community health centers, law enforcement, social work, child welfare, criminal justice, non-profit, and more) or in a cross-sector setting (such as a community group). Access to the course extends three months. You can take this course alone or with a group (contact us for group rates).

By the end of this course, you’ll develop a solid understanding of the key concepts — a necessary step to take before applying them in your unique setting — and be ready to “graduate” to The Resilience Champion course.