So What?

What do my ACE and Resilience Score mean?


The findings of the ACE study identified Toxic Stress as the cause of the cause of many of our physical and mental health issues. This deeper dive into understanding how early childhood experiences affect us throughout our lifespan breaks through the labels that we use to explain what's behind our thoughts, behaviors, and emotional patterns. (You can read more on the original study here.) 

Each individual is has a different level of stress tolerance: for people, change, animals, experiences etc…based on a combination of  their exposure to both ACEs and Protective Factors. Your ACE and Resilience scores are the first step toward developing an understanding and awareness of your stress system tolerance and potential social, physical, and mental health outcomes.   

We encourage you to explore the statistics from the original ACE study (it has been translated over 600 times for more specific areas) to get a sense of areas where your health may be at risk. You can view data from this study below.

We also encourage you to watch the videos below to help explain what’s going on in the body as the levels of stress increase and decrease.     

The Stress Response System

What's happening in my body? Well, as we go through life, we perceive the level of threat and respond accordingly. If there has been a low frequency, intensity, or duration of stressful experiences in our life, we are mostly in the Cool (Parasympathetic) System. If there has been much in the way of danger, the Hot (Sympathetic) system drives us in our thought, behavior, and emotional patterns.

The Stress Management System

We need to take a minute to say thank you and develop a more intimate relationship with our Stress Response System. "Thank you for letting me know that you are perceiving danger by making my releasing the 'keep me safe' hormones. I know you're just doing your job and operating from my past experiences, but I need to chill and recover." The more we know, the more we can understand how to make this shift when it's time to be cool.

The Relax & Restore System

In Min 1:30 he says you have to memorize...but keep watching. You don't. The point of this video is to explain the role of our parasympathetic system which is responsible for recovering from those stressed moments, for growth, and for relationships and connections. If you want to know more about the Vagas (not Vegas) nerve, sex, what craniosacral means, and the importance of diet, this video is for you. 

Can we change? How?

The ACE and related study revealed that we develop habits through experience. Some do have lasting effects but, as you know, we can make and break new habits. This video is meant to give you hope. Every day, YOU can do something different. Practice makes Progress!

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