Organizational Consultation


Take a Pulse 

During this phase of the consulting process, Origins staff will meet with your organization’s leadership team to evaluate the immediate needs of the agency. This may include deciding on stand-alone training sessions or a more comprehensive consulting process.  

Conduct Assessment & Collect Data

During this phase of the consulting process, a more formal assessment will be utilized to gauge the agency's strengths and needs and how to most effectively leverage them. Data is collected through the assessment to guide the training and consulting process. In addition, Origins will facilitate in the establishment of the organization’s Resilience Team whose role will be to determine a set of metrics used to measure progress.  

Establish & Develop Resilience Team

Origins will work with the organization to establish and develop a team of champions to lead the transformation process. This team will include clients, direct service staff, management, professionals, and executive members. Informed by both the assessment and team input, this team will drive the organization’s shift in perspective to include prioritizing goals, integrating the concepts of resilience into organizational practices, and coordinating the development of policies to support the new cultural standards.   

Provide Training/Coaching 

In addition to The Basics training, Origins will work with organizations to identify and fill knowledge gaps. In all training sessions, the pillars of Trauma-Informed Care are taught using adult learning models. Trainers model the principles of Trauma-Informed practices, including establishing emotional and physical safety, authenticity and transparency, collaboration, self-agency, voice and choice, and accountability. Our goal is to translate and simplify the most recent research and innovations into your workplace and community culture so that they may be applied in everyday work.  

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