The Resilience Champion

Focusing on an Action Plan

In this section, you’ll translate your goals into a concrete action plan and work through the process of brainstorming and executing potential solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The focus for this final section is on creating an action plan by identifying specific activities to meet the goals you defined in Week 5. Remember the distinction between a goal and an activity.  
  • Structured brainstorming will help identify activities to help achieve your goals. Key considerations for your brainstorming:
    • In addition to brainstorming ideas for new activities, consider what activities you want to you CONTINUE to help achieve the goals you defined (and anything you may want to STOP!) 
    • Keep an open mind. Don’t dismiss anything (yet!) because of a perceived lack of resources or other challenges
    • Thing big (and think small!)
    • Be as inclusive as possible in this step in order to get ideas and solutions from other colleagues, community members, and clients
    • Brainstorming is a team sport. Look at the table you have set for your team. Is anyone missing? Whose voices are not included? How might you include them?
  • As you select specific activities from this larger brainstorming list, focus on ideas that are realistic within your setting. (But keep that bigger list—you may want to come back to those other ideas in the future!)
  • You may want to provide additional structure to your team to help you implement your efforts. How frequently will you meet? Will you develop subcommittees within your larger group to focus on specific initiatives?
  • Don’t forget–getting started is often half the battle! Don’t let the fear of making mistakes keep you from taking action.

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