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The Resilience Champion Live

Andi Fetzner, PsyD


Andi Fetzner is a co-founder of Origins Training & Consulting. Her training mantra is, “you don’t have to be a therapist to be therapeutic.” Drawing from her personal and professional background, Andi uses real life examples to explain how this approach can be applied across sectors. She lives in California with her two dogs, Brutus & Princess.

Lori Chelius, MBA, MPH


Lori Chelius, MBA/MPH is a Co-Founder of Origins Training & Consulting. Andi and Lori work with organizations across a number of sectors to build strong foundations based on solid values, build resilience, and provide even better care for the people they serve. She lives in California with her wife, three kids, and their dog, Oliver.

The Resilience Champion Live STARTS OCT 14th. Live workshops are Wednesdays from 10am-11:30 pm PT.

The Resilience Champion Live is a six-week course for leaders who want to integrate a trauma-informed approach in their setting. Weeks 1-2 of this course provide an overview of the key concepts behind a trauma-informed approach from our Basics course. Weeks 3-6 focus on translating those concepts into action.  

This course will guide you as you move from trauma-aware to trauma-informed and trauma-responsive. In addition to reviewing concepts such as ACEs, toxic stress, and resilience, this workshop will also guide you and /your team in establishing a foundation, building your vision, exploring your culture, creating goals, and identifying concrete steps you can take to sustain this approach in your specific setting. You’ll also see cross-sector examples of Resilience Champions and specific strategies that have worked for them, providing inspiration for clear steps to help you get started.

Each week will consist of a 90-minute live interactive workshop with activities designed to help operationalize the key concepts. In addition to activities during the workshops, you will have the opportunity to work with your team in between the workshops to apply the concepts in your setting and report back via an online discussion post. If you are a part of a team implementing this approach, we encourage you to sign up and participate together.