Changemakers: 3 Questions With Kamakshi Hart & Andi Fetzner


The past, the present, and the future are unique to each of us and that journey has brought us to where we are today. You may be reflecting on this present moment and wondering, “Where do I fit in the creation of a new normal? Am I a changemaker?” In this interview, you will get to know Kamakshi Hart MA, the creator of Origin’s latest course for personal and professional development, The Changemaker. As Andi and Kamakshi share experiences about awareness, mindfulness, and non-linear healing, you will learn more about the people behind the trainings here at Origins. You will also hear their real-life examples of how a trauma-informed approach can be applied and how learning about the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) survey helped them become the Resilience Champions they are today! No matter where you are at- if you just heard about the ACE and resilience surveys and want to take them here and now (click the links), if you already are familiar with the trauma-informed approach and want to become a Resilience Champion and start applying it in your organization or community, AND NOW if you know that a trauma-informed approach starts with you and want to work on your own personal development you can join The Changemaker course with Kamakshi Hart!

Still curious? Join us for a FREE WEBINAR Being the Change: 3 Tips for Changemakers on October 22nd at 10am PT:
Now more than ever, many of us are feeling the call to be a part of the sweeping change in our world while at the same time being affected by the stressful circumstances. There are many types of changemakers and ways to bring about change. Join Kamakshi Hart, MA, creator of Origins newest course, “The Changemaker: It Starts With You”, and Andi Fetzner, PsyD, co-founder of Origins Training & Consulting for a one-hour live webinar. In this interactive session, you will learn tips to help you see yourself and what you wish to change through new eyes. As a part of this, you will explore your vision and work through an exercise to strengthen your commitment, courage, and connection to your own personal growth.
Kamakshi Hart is a relationship counselor, transformation coach and trauma-informed consultant. She specializes in transforming relationships within families and couples as well as in the workplace with teams and partners. Kamakshi helps people see that it is their own relationship to themselves that makes the difference. She lives in California with her husband, teen daughter, 3 cats: Elwood, Athena & Ziggy and 2 horses: Jesse & Drifter.


Learn more about how YOU can overcome trauma and build resilience in our online courses.

The Basics is a 90-minute online training session helps anyone understand the basic science behind the ACEs framework and what it means to develop a trauma-informed and resilience-building approach. It also provides a shared language that can be applied in a variety of sectors (including schools and education, healthcare and community health centers, law enforcement, social work, child welfare, criminal justice, non-profit, and more) or in a cross-sector setting (such as a community group). By the end of this course, you’ll develop a solid understanding of trauma-informed principles and practices including the following key concepts — a necessary step to take before applying them in your unique setting — and be ready to “graduate” to The Resilience Champion course.

The Resilience Champion is a self-paced professional development course (which includes access to The Basics) that will guide you as you move from trauma-aware to trauma-informed and trauma-responsive. You and/or your team will work through one section each week (or faster or slower, if you prefer) to help you establish a foundation, create goals, and identify concrete steps you can take to sustain trauma-informed practices and principles and a resilience-building approach in your specific setting. You’ll also see cross-sector examples of Resilience Champions and specific strategies that have worked for them, providing inspiration for clear steps to help you get started.